Handcrafted Wall Clocks



Establish your family heirloom with a beautiful wall clock which is handcrafted locally in the Cedar Valley by Iowa Clock and Watch.  The spring driven clocks are currently available in Walnut, Oak, and 4 variations of Painted Pine.  However, any hardwood you desire can be used to construct your clock.  Long chime rods provide a deep rich sound for the quarter hour Westminster chime and hourly strike. 

The dimensions of these wall clocks are 44 x 13 x 8 inches (Height x Width x Depth).

Farmhouse Designs, in Cedar Falls, Iowa, provides the hand painting on the clocks.  Owner Barb Dierks, is an artist that specializes in hand painted furniture.

Please contact Time-Restored for pricing variations due to customizations.

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$1,000.00 Hardwood

Oak Wall Clock

Walnut Wall Clock

$1,250.00 Painted

Painted Wall Clock Skyline

Painted Wall Clock Nautical

Painted Wall Clock Harvest

Painted Wall Clock Nature

Walnut Wall Clock
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Oak Wall Clock
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Painted Nature
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Painted Harvest
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