Consignment Service Information

Time-Restored, Inc. sells on consignment by either the Time-Restored network, for set price buying, or through the Time-Restored Ebay site. Interested individuals are encouraged to contact Time-Restored,Inc. for more information.

Consignment Agreement

Time-Restored, Inc., Consignee, accepts the goods listed on the inventory for sale on Ebay to the highest bidder under the terms and conditions listed in this contract and documents attached hereto.

Consignor warrants that he or she is the legal sole owner of the property to be sold. (If property is jointly owned with another person, both persons will have to sign.) Consignor further warrants the description of the item is true and correct as far as he/she knows.

Time-Restored, Inc., agrees to be responsible for the safekeeping of the items, including loss or damage, and will insure they are packed and shipped properly to the buyer.

Consignor agrees to the fee schedule that is attached hereto, and part of this contract. Any special fee agreements or changes must be in writing and initialed by both parties.

Time-Restored, Inc., will retain possession of the merchandise until the goods are sold and delivered to the final purchaser or returned to the consignor. Consignor agrees to leave the items with the consignee for a period of at least 15 days in which time they will be listed for sale on Ebay for a five, seven, or ten day period.

Once an item is listed on Ebay, it will run the full auction course until it is sold to the highest bidder. If consignor demands return of the property prior to the end of an auction, or the 15-day period, he/she will pay a withdrawal fee of $25.00 per item. Under no circumstance can the Consignor withdraw any item within the last 24 hours of the auction or after it is sold.

Once an auction has ended with a successful sale, the property can not be withdrawn and will be delivered to the highest bidder upon receipt of payment.

Per the consignor's discretion, should the winning bidder fail to pay for the auction within seven days of the sale, the property will be either returned to the Consignor or put up for auction again.

All items are sold without a Reserve Selling Price unless the consignor agrees to pay the Ebay fees in advance. The fees will be deducted from the Consignor's final commission should the item sell. If the item does not sell, the fee is non-refundable.

Once an auction is completed and payment is received, the merchandise will be shipped to the buyer. Upon safe receipt by the buyer, Consignee will effect payment of proceeds; less fees to Time-Restored, Inc. This process may take up to 15 days. If a buyer rejects an item of merchandise due to misrepresentation, a $25.00 service fee will be charged to the Consignee. Payment (less shipping) will be refunded to the buyer and the item returned to the Consignor. Time-Restored, Inc. accepts horological items which have a $9.99 auction value on Ebay.



  1. Opening bid of $9.99 (USD) with No Reserve
  2. Up to 7 day auction
  3. Digital photographs taken of merchandise (Up To 6 photographs)

Item's Final Auction Value (less Ebay Fees)




$500.01- $1000.00


$1000.01- $5000.00


$5000.01 and above





  1. Opening bid of $9.99 (USD) with No Reserve
  2. Up to 7 Day Auction
  3. Digital Photographs taken of merchandise (Up To 6 photographs)

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Many frequently asked questions are addressed on the Shipping and Policies page of this site. If you have trouble finding what you are looking for, please contact us and we´ll do our best to help.

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