1976 Railroad Approved Bulova Accutron



This is a 1976 Railroad Approved Bulova Accutron. The case is Marked Bulova, Base Metal Bezel, Water Resitant, Stainless Steel Back, J 176718, N6 dating it to 1976. 
The Accutron 2181 movement is "humming" like new.  It sets properly and is keeping excellent time.
The band is believed to be the original.  It is a brown, Accutron marked band with a gold-tone Bulova marked buckle.

Item #: RLS0015

Bulova Watch Company


The Bulova Watch Company dates back to 1875. It is then, a young 23 year old Czech immigrant, by the name of Joseph Bulova, opened a small jewelry shop on Maiden Lane in New York City. By 1912, Bulova sets up its first plant in Bienne, Switzerland to produce watch components and assemble them into jeweled movements.

The convenience of wristwatches (as opposed to pocket watches) was discovered during World War I (WWI). So, Bulova introduced its first full line of men's jeweled wristwatches in 1919. Prior to the men's line, the wrist watch was designed and primarily worn by women. So in 1924, Bulova unveils the first full line of ladies' watches, including diamond accented pieces. And what style and elegance these Bulova watches possess.

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