Do You Need Your Watch Repaired?

We clean, oil and adjust mechanical and automatic watches as well as service electric, Accutron and quartz watches.

Do You Want Your Vintage Timepiece Restored?

Restoration of vintage and antique watches include:

  • dial restoration,
  • enameling,
  • case work, and
  • plating.

Many parts can be made to restore your timepiece to running condition.

Do You Wish To Sell A Timepiece?

Purchasing. If you have horological or watchmaking materials including wrist watches, pocket watches, parts, tools or ephemera that you wish to sell outright, please contact Time-Restored, Inc.

Time-Restored, Inc. sells on consignment by either the Time-Restored network, for set price buying, or through the Time-Restored Ebay site. Interested individuals are encouraged to contact Time-Restored, Inc. for more information. To view the Consignment Agreement form click here.