Here's what our customers are saying...

"Time-Restored has been so helpful, creative, and fun to work with!  I own a small business called "Barn Happy" and was looking for a unique gift to celebrate five great years and Christmas.  A watch with our logo was just the trick.  My team loved the unique and practical gift and Time-Restored made it easy."

Kris B.
Owner, Barn Happy 

"I have dealt with Time-Restored on numerous occasions and have found the quality of his vintage timepieces top-notch and the service excellent. Time-Restored is serious about making a positive impact with a buyer so that they will have a repeat customer - one of those being myself."

Mike Benson
Holben's Fine Watches

"Thank you very much for the great service of my watches. Before I found you, I had to take my vintage watches to local jewelers who did not know how to work on them and in many cases, damaged them. You have repeatedly taken my broken, damaged and abused watches and made them beautiful again. You have also been very prompt and reasonable. I have also enjoyed buying several watches from your listings. My favorites are the early Elgins. The history you have provided along with the watches makes them all that much more special." 

Best regards,
Marc Freedgood
Sherborn, Massachusetts  

"In 2006 I “won” an eBay auction for a 1941 Waltham wristwatch offered by Time-Restored Inc. I was particularly impressed with the watch description as well as the history of Waltham that was provided. I received the watch in timely fashion and it was well packaged. Communication between Time-Restored and myself was excellent. I have recently had Time-Restored restore my father-in-law’s timepiece from the early 50’s. It is a remarkable restoration considering this piece was a basket case that sat in a shoebox for over 40 years. I now wear it proudly and it draws lots of attention. It is a handsome piece and keeps perfect time. I will be sending them my Grandfather’s Waltham pocket watch circa 1903 (a farewell gift from CPR railway) for complete restoration.  Time-Restored offers great products and even better service.  In 2006 I not only bought a watch, I made a friend. "

Peter Tait
Saskatchewan, Canada.